Arctic Keys Pro for Mobile
Arctic Keys Pro for Tablet

Arctic Keys Pro (re-titled Arctic SynthPro after my involvement) was developed for One Red Dog Media, where I was responsible for designing the user interface and working with the lead programmer from initial conceptualization to the delivery of the final product.

After brainstorming with the client, it was decided to develop the application responsively as to make development streamlined when changing between platforms. There are many menus and options, so careful planning of each element was needed so that users would not be overwhelmed or feel too confined yet also provide them with easy accessibility throughout the application.

The visual design of Tron Legacy was used as inspiration. This involved contrasting dark grey and blue with elements of brighter blue. Furthermore, it was decided based on the targeted users to incorporate physical-styled elements such as the keyboard, push buttons, sliders and dials as to give users a sense familiarity.

The tools used to create the user interface was predominantly Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the product details and video demonstrations on its official website.